Customer Engagement Insurance Solution

Build trust, loyalty and retention by making your customer relationship tangible, authentic and relevant.

Customer Engagement Insurance Solution

Build trust, loyalty and retention by making your customer relationship tangible, authentic and relevant.

Roost Connects Insurance Policyholders Worldwide

Roost has developed a Customer Engagement Solution to provide instant customer access and meaningful brand interactions, putting your company and brand at the forefront for policyholders.

The Roost Telematics Solution

Monitor real life situations, in real time.

Smart Sensors

Policyholders place smoke alarm, water leak detector and garage door sensors throughout their homes.

Mobile App & Services

If something goes wrong, the app will send a notification to both the policyholder and insurer with the ability to communicate in real time. Plus, the app offers quicklinks to local service pros, weather alerts and self-service carrier support content .

Actionable Data

Use data analytics to proactively contact your policyholder, inform underwriting decisions and assess policyholder risk.

Your Brand

Increase NPS, retention and brand affinity by putting your brand in front of your policyholders 1-2 times / month.

Turn Key 90-Day Deployment

No IT resources or big budget required, Roost takes care of it all!

Easy to implement

guaranteed rapid implementation, done in 90 days.

Roost handles all fulfillment

shipping sensors directly to policyholders.

Fully managed customer journey

customized to fit your business model.

Validated best practices

to optimize the adoption and activation of sensors in the home.

Smart Sensors Your Policyholders Will Trust and Love

Monitor real life situations, in real time.

Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Enables early detection of home problems like water leaks, humidity and freezing pipes.

9V Smart Battery

Transform existing CO and smoke alarms into a Smart Alarm to get notified if a smoke alarm sounds.

Garage Door Sensor

Sends a notification to your policyholder’s smartphone letting them know the state of their garage door: open or closed.

More Details

Custom Co—Branded App

Keep your brand front and center with your policyholders when they need you most.

Launch in 90 Days

A fully customized and supported solution
delivered from start to finish in 90 days.

Relevant Customer Engagement

The co-branded app experience and content create personalized, timely and actionable interactions.


Roost provides device data, NPS metrics and consumer sentiment directly back to providers.

Lower Claim Costs

Get early notification from policyholders in order to reduce claim time and overall costs.

Data Security

Protecting your home and data at all times is our top priority. Learn More

Personalized, Timely and Actionable App Services

Integrated services make the co-branded app useful on a regular basis – putting your brand visibility at the forefront of every notification and interaction.


Have a water leak alert? Get a phone call from a pre-screened local plumber in less than 90 seconds!

The Weather Company, an IBM Business

Policyholders can get hyper-local emergency weather alerts to notify them of situations that may impact their home allowing them to take action and prevent losses.

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The Largest & Fastest Growing Home Telematics Solution for Insurance Partners Worldwide

Roost has reported more than 1 billion data points worldwide.

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