Introducing Roost Smart Battery Firmware Version 2

We’ve received some great feedback on our Roost Smart Batteries, and for most of you, your batteries have been working very well. But others have had a few challenges, and because we take all feedback seriously, we’ve been working extremely hard on enhancing the functionality of our batteries. So we’re excited to announce that firmware version 2 update is now available. In fact most of you have already automatically received this update over the last week.

What’s in version 2? Here are the highlights:

Fewer False Alarms

• Issue: Some of you may have experienced receiving a notification on your smartphone when your alarm was actually not sounding.

• Solution: We have “tuned” the alarm detection algorithm on our batteries to reject these sounds that do not match the patterns of smoke, CO or combined smoke/CO alarms.

Improved Wi-Fi connectivity: Maintaining Health Checks with the Roost Cloud

• Issue: Some customers may have had issues with their Roost Smart Battery showing an “Offline” status in the Roost app. The Roost Smart Battery is a Wi-Fi enabled device. However, it is not continuously connected to your network like a smartphone or computer. Rather, it is designed to perform a “health check” via Wi-Fi to the Roost Cloud on a daily basis. This action only requires a few seconds, however if this connection is missed, the Roost App Alarm Status screen changes from “OK” to “Offline.” While the Roost battery continues to power your alarm and is waiting and ready to connect with the Roost Cloud when an alarm sounds, this status change may have created confusion or concern for some users. You can read more about what an offline status means in our Help Center article: My battery’s status says Offline.

• Solution: We have identified and resolved the issues with Wi-Fi connectivity that caused batteries to miss these health checks. With this new firmware release, you can expect the incidence of your battery showing “Offline” in your app to dramatically decrease.

Improved Detection of Non-US alarms

• Issue: A few early adopters in non-US countries discovered that the Roost Smart Battery had trouble detecting their alarms due to the different alarm sound patterns from various alarm manufacturers.

• Solution: We have completed testing of a large number of non-US alarms to characterize their audio patterns and have incorporated detection for these alarms in our version 2 firmware.

All Roost Smart Batteries will automatically update to version 2 over the next two weeks, and no action is required on your part. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team at

Thank you for your patience as we’ve worked through these issues. We have many more exciting things coming up later this year, so stay tuned.

—The Roost Team