Roost®Joins the IoT Insurance Observatory

Roost Joins the IoT Insurance Observatory

Sunnyvale, CA, – April 18, 2019Roost, a leader in Home Telematics for property insurance carriers, today announced thatthey will be joining the IoT Insurance Observatory member group. The Observatory group is comprised of more than 50 leading players in Insurance IoT innovation from across the globe. Roost will kick off their new relationship with a presentation at the upcoming plenary session on May 7thin Milan.

“We’re excited to be part of the IoT Insurance Observatory,” said Roost co-founder and CEO Roel Peeters. “It’s a great opportunity to exchange insights experiences and to create knowledge together with other major insurance industry players that are part of the Observatory in Europe and North America.”

“I consider smart home one of the most relevant opportunities to leverage the IoT data within insurance use cases,”commented Observatory founder and Director Matteo Carbone. “The Observatory has just published a whitepaper which rationalizes the opportunity of smart home insurance for the insurance sector and customers. I’m honored to have Roost onboard at the Observatory and I’m sure they will be a terrific contributor with their vast experience and understanding of the current challenges and future scenarios when it comes to connected insurance in both commercial and in the smart home.”

About Roost

Roost is a technology company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. As creators of the Roost Smart Battery and the Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector, Roost has developed a unique, patented, connected platform of data sensors that deliver the ultimate in installation simplicity and the most affordable way for insurers to provide Home Telematics solutions. Roost’s primary go-to-market approach is through Insurance companies deploying directly to their policyholders. The effect is a reduction in claim cost expenses (fire and water perils costing $20B per year in the U.S.), as well as driving policyholder engagement through a content-rich, digital mobile app experience, impacting retention and customer acquisition. For more information, please visit

About the IoT Insurance Observatory

Global insurance think-tank, which has put together executives from more than 50 insurance groups, Institutions and the Internet of Things ecosystem to discuss the great potential of the most mature InsurTech trend, as well as the challenges it poses to the insurance business. The focus is on any insurance solution based on sensors for collecting data on the state of an insured risk and telematics for remote transmission and management of the data collected.For more information, please visit