Partnership with Insurance Innovator: Hippo Insurance

Hippo, the latest new on-line home insurance disruptor and Roost have announced a partnership to include a free Roost Smart Water Leak Detector with every new homeowner policy written. One of Hippo’s key strategies is to help prevent problems in the home, and they’ve specifically targeted the all too frequent water leak issue. The Roost leak detector is a simple and intuitive Wi-Fi device that senses home water leaks as well as humidity & freezing temperature situations, and then delivers early warning smartphone alerts.

Continued Validation

The Hippo Insurance partnership with Roost is another example of the growing support tech-savvy home insurers are demonstrating by embracing the value of smart home sensor technology with their policyholder relationships. By providing their new customers a Roost leak detector, Hippo is assuring their policyholder relationships start out in a very tangible and personal way by providing a little bit of preventive, peace of mind for their homes.
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Our CEO, Roel Peeters and Hippo’s CEO, Assaf Wand will be speaking on a panel together @ the Dig-In Conference, May 9-11th in Austin. Come check out the discussion.
We will also be at the following insurance conferences and events over the coming months. Please come see us and contact Jim Strickland if you’d like to set up a

  1. Connections: San Francisco, CA – May 23-25
  2. Insurance IoT Europe Summit: London, UK – June 26-27
  3. Internet of Insurance: Austin, TX – September 26-27
  4. InsureTech Connect: Las Vegas, NV – October 3-4