New Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector is Shipping

We’ve just expanded our affordable, easy to install, Wi-Fi-enabled Roost product line beyond smart batteries and smoke alarms with the new Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector, now available for immediate shipping! Our latest press release covers this exciting announcement.

In addition to providing customers with an increased “peace of mind” about their home, our goal with this product is to help save consumers and insurance companies a portion of the $10 billion dollars per year in water-related losses and claims in the US.

Even if a consumer’s homeowners insurance policy covers a leak, they can still experience hefty fees with deductibles and uncovered expenses. Beyond the potential of saving money, our smart leak detector can also prevent unwanted hassles associated with a water emergency.

The Roost leak detector has water leak, temperature and humidity sensors that diagnose and alert consumers on their smartphone to several key home emergencies including:

  1. Water damage due to leaks from broken pipes, appliances and basement leaks
  2. Frozen pipe water damage
  3. Mold and mildew damage caused by high humidity conditions
  4. Abnormal home indoor temperature, indicating problems with heating and cooling systems

With a simple setup process, a $49.99 price tag and a three-year+ life with replaceable AAA batteries, the Roost Leak Detector is a great investment in smart home technology. In the next few weeks, two Roost Sensor Tail accessories (3ft and 6ft long) will also be available. These sensor tails effectively extend the reach of the detector to larger appliances and those hard to reach locations, such as under a washing machine, surrounding a hot water heater, or underneath a refrigerator.

New Roost App 3.0

We’ve also updated our Roost app. It’s now designed to accommodate the new Roost water leak detector and features some other key improvements:

  • Support for multiple physical addresses – monitor your home, plus your parent’s home, vacation or rental property.
  • Easily see on one home page the status of all of your Roost sensors at an address – smart batteries and water leak detectors
  • Streamlined installation process with enhanced in-app help
  • Historical data on temperature and humidity trends in your home (7 day & 24 hr view) – enabled with each water leak detector.

Please check out our new Smart water leak detector and let us know what you think! We love being able to provide easy-to-use and affordable products that bring peace of mind to our customer’s homes!